Terms and Definitions

Terms and Definitions,   is simply – a vocabulary of Scripture Truths formulated here for your study convenience, as Theological Nomenclature.  Nomenclature comes from two words:  nomen”  is from Latin and means “name.”    Clator  or  clature,  is the Greek word “calomeaningto call.”

Therefore, Terms and Definitions is a depository and dictionary of  theological terms (vocabulary) used by this ministry.  The vocabulary of Doctrine is not merely a matter of semantics, it is a matter of recognizing the great systems of thought from God,  “which have come down to us,  through all the generations of man…..written for man’s  personal knowledge and to benefit all the world  (Colossians  1:6).

Please note:  Terms and Definitions will be added to this list periodically.  We recommend that you learn and understand each term and definition.   For example:  Scripture defines Rulers as   “Cosmocrats,” which was first termed by Paul in Ephesians 6:12.  National leaders, corporate leaders, world leaders and politicians fit this description in today’s society.  Interestingly – human nature has not changed through all the centuries.  Scripture, therefore is always relevant and current.  C. S. Craig.

Happy Studying in Fields of Grace.


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