Theology’ comes from two words: “theos” which means God, and “logos” meaning word, or rational expression. Therefore theology is the study of God’s Word.

Theology has many definitions.

Theology pursues God-knowledge.

Theology is the process of categorical instruction, illustration, exploration, extraction, and presentation of the revelations of/from God found in Scripture.

Theology is the rational expressions of God’s Truths.

Theology helps define Terms and Truths in Scripture.

Thinking must have vocabulary. God, through scripture, dramatically expands our vocabulary, our concepts and ‘mind-cepts’ of God. 

Theology is the study of the revelations of God.

Theology is based on systematic interpretation and unbiased presentation of God’s Truths.

Systematic Theology should consider the original signature, the culture and historical setting, the audience.

The Bible is a record of the progress of God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. Therefore, theology studies the parts of the whole that make up the entire mosaic of the Bible.


Theology is thinking about God, not based on theory or each person’s personal opinion, but on exact interpretation of Scripture context. The more we think about God the more God affects our thinking and our lives. The more we think about God, the more our lives affect others. The more we think about God, the less we think about ourselves.

Scripture states that God is incomprehensible yet understandable (Reference Job 11:7; Isaiah 40:18; John 14:7; 17:3; and 1 John 5:20).

God is the source of our knowledge of Him.

Christ came to earth to reveal God. The Holy Spirit was sent to glorify the Father and the Son, as well as to open the truth of Scripture for all future generations of believers.

God has thought of everything. So, what are God’s thoughts? God’s thoughts are “the mind of Christ” (1 Cor.2:16). Scripture declares truth — what is truth? Truth is God! Therefore Truth is absolute! Christ is the personification (a concept made flesh) of Truth.

The more we know God the more we desire God!  

We can never be filled, but we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Learning God gives us all we need to walk our own pathways in fields of Grace. Blessings in Christ — Buddy   

— C. S. Craig. 10/10/2017

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