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Grace EnergyWord of Truth Ministries (WOTM) is a TEACHING  Platform, designed to supplement the preaching of your chosen, local church.

 WOTM website is designed to cast a dramatic light on Jesus Christ, the focal point of human history. Biblical mandates for the current Church Age, clarify the Christian’s role in history, which is to Glorify Christ. Therefore, Bible Doctrine is an imperative. The term “Bible Doctrine” as used by this ministry means “Biblical Truths” or “Teaching God’s Truths.”  The Bible represents the divine outline of history – “God’s viewpoint.” In the Bible, God presents Jesus Christ His Son as Savior of the world.  Man needs God!  Man needs a Saviour!  Man needs something and someone to believe in.  The Holy Bible offers mankind Faith, Hope, Love and Truth. LEARN GOD! BELIEVE IN CHRIST! LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!  


“So My Word that comes from My mouth shall not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11). 

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35; Mark 13:31).

The TORAH or LAW  (first five books of the Old Testament)  represent   “instruction”  or  “teaching,”  NOT legislation in the modern sense.   What God has always sought for mankind especially His Chosen People (Israel), through the giving of the Law, is purity of heart (truth) followed by righteous behavior.  The law therefore reveals man’s inability  to keep the law consistently and therefore points directly to man’s need for a Messiah/Saviour.  The New Testament 

When the Time was full God sent forth His Son to redeem and thereby restore  man to his original “spiritual” relationship with God. The Old testament is a history and relationship between God (Jehovah Elohim) and mankind.  

The deity and redemptive work of Messiah, (Jesus Christ) are beautifully stated by the great Apostle Paul in Colossians 2:13-14: “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that  (here is the reason) he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.”  

 “Human thought can have no greater objective than to be filled with the Knowledge of God – Truth and live it!  God has provided mankind with all the necessary resources to know Him, primarily His Holy Word, Creation and the convicting work of His Holy Spirit.    Therefore, SEARCH GOD IN THE SCRIPTURES – GOD IS! 


It is extremely important that each believer understand the Term “WORD”  -(Greek logos).  The Word (logos)  of God in the mentality of the believer enables them to move in harmony with the  (LOGOS) of the universe.  Jesus Christ is the LOGOS of the Universe…the guiding principle of the universe and of the soul of men.  The soul of man is designed to think and reason God, and to respond to God.   God is the initiator, man the responder.  Jesus Christ is not a mere abstraction of theoretical “rationality” but a person. Therefore, Truth is a person!  It is by this Person (the LOGOS) that each individual may enjoy harmony with God.  The Holy Spirit indwelling the believer can fill the soul to fullness, depending on the individual believer’s volition.  The filling of the Spirit is synonymous with harmony with God.


Chauncey S. Craig is the founder and  teacher of Word Of Truth Ministries.  Craig  briefly studied Theology and Bible at Western Bible Institute, in Colorado.  However,  after one semester,  Craig realized he needed  a more challenging and advanced teaching platform of theological instruction.  Therefore,  Craig began rigorous study under two of the greatest Bible Scholars/Teachers in modern times:  Pastor/Teacher R. B. Thieme, Jr., Berachah Church, Houston, Texas; and Chester A. McCalley,  Pastor/Teacher of Beth Haven Church in North Kansas City, Missouri. 

Chauncey has studied the Bible intensively for 58 years.  Both Thieme and McCalley taught using  a format of academic classroom teaching instruction (professor to student). 

From literally thousands of hours of  Bible  Teaching and rigorous study covering  the major doctrines of  the Bible and Theology,  Craig has developed a Topical, easy to understand  lecture-commentary approach to teaching God’s Word.   Craig, does not take lightly the Lord’s command, “Feed my sheep.” 

Mr. Craig has also studied the teaching  ministries of several other Bible Scholars such as:  Lewis Sperry Chafer,  C. S. Lewis,  H. A. Ironside,  Charles Ryrie,  John  F. Walvoord,  D. L. Moody,  Charles Spurgeon,  Donald G. Barnhouse,  Charles (Chuck) Colson,  Ravi Zacharias,  Francis A. Schaeffer,  C. I. Scofield,  Richard DeHaan and others.


All Bible study teaching materials on this web site are available without cost, obligation or solicitation.  Anyone who desires Bible teaching may simply copy and paste.  God provides Bible doctrine. WOTM wishes to reflect God’s grace. 

No price appears on any material produced by Word Of Truth Ministries.  WOTM respects your privacy.   WOTM  operates without solicitation or contributions.  If  gratitude for this teaching ministry motivates believers to give,  they should give to the needy in their community. 

 WOTM is NOT  a non-profit organization!  WOTM is NOT  for profit or loss.  There is no corporation  — WOTM is NOT a business.   WOTM  exists by God’s Grace. 

TRUE giving when inspired by the Holy Spirit does not have ulterior motives, such as tax deduction, recognition or praiseGenuine motivation for giving to the Lord should be love without thought of reward, such as a tax write-off.  Genuine gratitude equals unselfish generosity. 

Happy  Studying in Fields of Grace.   WOTM  

Please note:   All  “Poetry” on this web site is originally written, and is the property of the author –  C. S. Craig.    



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