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Grace EnergyWord Of Truth Ministries is a Grace Ministry helping believers walk throughFields Of Grace” by DEFINING TRUTH IN A WORLD OF UNTRUTH.  By defining Truth in a world of untruth,  we hold God’s Truths to be self-evident, and inevitable!

“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).  “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35; Mark 13:31).

 “Human thought can have no greater desire or objective than to be filled with the Knowledge of God.  God has provided this knowledge in His Holy Word – search God. God is fascinating.  Knowledge and obedience to the Divine Will, embraced with much prayer, meditation and daily application, should be man’s greatest endeavor in life – the noblest aim of the believer.” C. S. Craig

The objective of Word Of Truth Ministries  (WOTM)  is to allow the Holy Spirit to glorify God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the Holy Spirits Mentor-ship through the filling of the Spirit indwelling the believer that the Christian Life is truly lived and continually exercised for Spiritual growth.  Therefore, WOTM is educational  in purpose and content. God’s Truths are written by God in His Holy Word for the eternal benefit of all mankind, but few there be that will believe, submit and obey.

Following is an example of the educational teaching ministry on this  web site:


The Holy Bible IS THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD.   The Greek word  for inspiration is theopneusto, and literally means “God-breathed.”    In Paul’s letter to Timothy, Paul states emphatically in  (2 Timothy 3:16)  that “All Scripture is given by inspiration (God-breathed.”  Scripture is given by God for the benefit of mankind.

The same God that created the universe and planet earth (Genesis 1:1),  provided salvation for the human race.  Sin came by one man (original sin)  Adam.  Salvation (restoration or reconciliation), came by one Man – Jesus Christ.

“God Breathed” in 2 Timothy 3:16 is  a powerful statement by Paul, a point of doctrine that literally gives LIFE to the Scriptures.  Again in Hebrews 4:12, Paul proclaims “For the Word of God is quick (alive) and powerful  (active).” 

The same breath that gives life to all living creatures, gives life to the Scriptures and you and me.   There is no life apart from God!

The Holy Spirit illuminates God’s Word as we read and digest.  Reading God’s Word is literally Inhale – exhale,  Inhale, exhale.

As you live and inhale the Mind of Christ, your soul is being illuminated.  It is  being equipped, prepared, transformed, conformed and renewed, to glorify Christ and  to equip each believer for the daily spiritual battles of ambassadorship in the devils world as we live the details of our personal life.

The results of consistent study in the Scriptures under a teacher and the filling of the Holy Spirit, building-up  a fortification, an empowerment for service to God in God’s Army.

 As born-again believers we are to be sacrificial in our praise, worship and servantship.  We are left here on earth after we receive Christ to:

1).  Allow the Holy Spirit to glorify Christ through us. 

2).  We are to be students of the Word of God.

3).  Filled with the Spirit.

4).  Become skilled soldiers, messengers with a message, ambassadors of Truth and witnesses for God. 

5). The believer represents Christ here on earth during His reign  in Heaven at the Right Hand of The Father.  

The Word of God defines Truth for mankind living in a world of untruth.  The believer is to live that truth for the benefit of mankind and the glory of God.  But, to live IN Truth the believer must KNOW TRUTH.

The Bible is Divine Viewpoint Revelation for combat against human viewpoint and the forces of the darkness. The Bible gives the believer “DIVINE OPERATING ASSETS” for living in the devils world.  (See “Terms and Definitions.”

The world should know and care what God thinks!

God provided His Word – the Bible! The Bible is the Mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16)…. Christ gives MEANING TO LIFE. Thank you.  C. S. Craig, teacher.

Please note:  Jesus Christ was crucified on a tree for our transgression (s).  Salvation for mankind has already been provided by Jesus Christ, but must be accepted by personal faith alone in the Cross-work of Christ alone. 

Human works for salvation has been rejected by the Father (Isaiah 53:6). You cannot be good enough to earn your  way to heaven!  Romans 3:23-26; 4:4-6; 6:23).


Chauncey S. Craig is the founder and  teacher of Word Of Truth Ministries.  Craig is a sinner. Craig is saved by God’s Grace –  totally unworthy of salvation, but saved because of personal faith in Christ, alone.  Craig studied briefly (1967-1968) at Western Bible Institute, Morrison, Colorado.   WBI is now (CCU) – Colorado Christian University, in Lakewood, Colo. 

Craig  has studied intensely under numerous scholars: such as:    Pastor/Teacher R. B. Thieme, Jr., (now with the LORD) since 1971.  From 1964 to 1971 Craig was mentored and baptized by  Chester A. McCalley,  Pastor/Teacher of Beth Haven Church in Kansas City, Missouri (now with the LORD). Chester founded WORD OF TRUTH  about 1983  (not to be confused with WORD OF TRUTH MINISTRIES. 

From  study notes  and  booklets primarily by Thieme and McCalley, Craig has produced the many Categorical (topical) Bible Study lessons on this web site. 

Chauncey has also studied the teaching  of numerous other great Bible Scholars, over the past 50 years as well.  Teachers such as:  Lewis Sperry Chafer,  C. S. Lewis,  H. A. Ironside,  Charles Ryrie,  J. F. Walvoord, D. L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, Donald G. Barnhouse,  Charles (Chuck) Colson, Ravi Zacharias, Francis A. Schaeffer, C. I. Scofield, and others.

“Since I was a small child, I have always been deeply fascinated with Christ.  My thirst has for God’s Word has never been quenched.  I am fascinated with God, my Savior.  Christ truly is KING of Kings and LORD of lords.” 

May I briefly state that many translations of the Bible have been written during the last sixty years or so,  but the Bible is not as mysterious as the world believes.  The problem with understanding Scripture is that it requires the Holy Spirit of God  to correctly reveal its meaning.  Scripture must be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.  I have personally studied  the Bible since the early 1960’s and have found many changes in my personal understanding through the years as my knowledge increased and I spent more time being filled with the Spirit.  The Prophecies of this fascinating memorial to Yeshua (The Bible) will be fulfilled at God’s appointed time. The Word of God is fascination because God is Fascination. 

 I want to give you an idea of the fascinations of God. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) defeated Satan in the greatest spiritual battle ever fought – the battlefield of the cross, and redeeming fallen mankind by His death (spiritual separation),  burial,  and Resurrection….for you and all who will but believe in Yeshua (Messiah).  See Genesis 3:15).  The Tree in the Garden of Eden that destroyed humanity became the same weapon that God used to destroy Satan – the Cross.  

Don’t miss out on God.  You may access God only through Yeshua (Jesus Christ), by the illumination of the Holy Spirit.   Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved – once and for all (Acts 16:31).  C. S. Craig.  

It is the message not the messenger, that is important….what sayeth the Word?  

All Bible study material on this web site is available without cost, obligation or solicitation.  Anyone who desires Bible teaching may simply copy and paste.  God provides Bible doctrine. WOTM wishes to reflect God’s grace.   

  “Life should be the pursuit of Truth….the Practice of Truth.  Truth is a Person – Jesus Christ!”  Do you know THE TRUTH?  

The Holy Spirit challenges the world, to discover Jesus  Christ who sacrificed Himself so that mankind may have eternal life – Christ died in your place!  Christ died for you personally.

Please note: Poetry and Lectures on this website are restricted to  use according to  copyright laws.  All poetry and lectures are the property of the author. ….C. S. Craig. 

Happy  Studying in Fields of Grace.  Faithfulness


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