Satan is the enemy of nationalism. Satan offers internationalism in its place in an effort to establish his own utopian kingdom on earth. Satan’s intent is a universal state which he can control and sit on the throne as God without God’s interference. How arrogant is that?

Internationalism opens the door to a world dictator – the Anti-Christ. The first Satanically sponsored internationalism was indeed the Tower of Babel which was meant to be a religious tower reaching to heaven (Genesis 10:32-11:4). However, the Tower became the focal point for power, bias, ego, and the breeding ground for concentrated evil. But the Lord intervened by imposing the obstacle of multiple languages and then God scattered them over the face of the whole earth (Genesis 11:8). The result is the many nations covering the earth even until now.

Internationalism is Satan’s attempt to form a one world government, which destroys freedom and autonomy of the individual and the nation for the sake of the masses of the world at large. Enslavement of the world is Satanic because Satan is not capable of leading the world — witness the suffering and aggression and evil throughout human history. Satan’s world system is religion without Christ. Never forget Satan’s ambition of ruling the world as God, usurping Christ. This is Satan’s world. He has at his disposal the United Nations and the World Council of Churches established by man, sponsored by Satan. Since their formation, there has been no peace. There will never be peace until Christ reigns and brings His Kingdom to Earth.


Portions of this summary definition were drawn from THE ANGELIC CONFLICT published by RBT Bible Ministries, and is used with permission.

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