The “Sin Nature”

Arrogance of the Species


We humans sin because we can.

We sin because we have the knowledge of good and evil. 

We sin because we have volition (freedom to choose).

We sin because we have the Adamic (Adam’s) Nature – the sin nature.

The “old man” of Ephesians 4:22; the Adamic nature; the “flesh” of Romans 8:3, 4; the principle of “sin” of Romans 7:8-20. The natural being in Adam. Note: all mankind is descended from Adam), Romans chapters 5-8. These terms used by Paul in Ephesians and Romans are commonly referred to as the Sin Nature.

Here on WOTM is one of the most important doctrines in the Bible—The title is:  “GOD’S UNIQUELY BORN SON.” ← (Please click the link to see this important study.)

This basic study of the Sin Nature is much deeper and requires a more in-depth study as we build more complex doctrine upon basic doctrine.  

The believer in Christ must understand the how and why the sin nature came into being which necessitated the Incarnation (the coming of Christ in human form, sent to die for us). So, we will look deeper into God’s Word of Wisdom and study the Fall of the first Adam and the redemption of the Last Adam — Jesus Christ. 

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