When Faith Becomes Faith-Rest


Faith is the acceptance of an established criterion as the basis of reality; it is confidence or belief in the authority and veracity of another. The assent (assent is the expression of approval or agreement) of the mind to the truth of a proposition, followed by acceptance and confidence. In theology, it is the assent of the mind to a believing confidence in the truths God has revealed in Scripture, especially the gospel. 


The Divine Mandate requiring the believer to claim the promises of God and related principles by believing-faith in God’s Word resulting in tranquility of soul, stability in our thinking, no matter what the circumstances, whether adversity or prosperity.

God has a Plan — a Grace Plan for every believer in Christ. As you consistently study God’s Word in your “Study Bible,” under the ministry of your open bible Pastor-teacher (any other kind of ‘preacher’ is the wrong kind) your faith will be strengthened. The more you know the Lord, the more your confidence grows.

Knowledge of God and His promises will result in peaceful assurance in your soul so that your soul will be at rest without ceasing, no matter what the details of life bring. Just trust the Lord no matter what life brings, because He has a Plan. Amen. See also: “Faith Perception.”

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