Spiritual Insights

We develop spiritual discipline by daily studying and applying God’s Word. The Bible teaches us God’s viewpoint. God by His Word gives us a piece of His Mind. Scripture is Wisdom and Wisdom is Scripture. We develop the skills for life by practicing wisdom. God’s Wisdom conforms our thinking by giving us spiritual insight. His wisdom instills moral values and a true perspective of His Justice, His Righteousness, and His Love.

Bible Doctrine teaches us to be prudent with discretion. Because of our human nature, our learning must be tested so that it can be properly applied. The formula is God’s grace formula, which is Inhale — learning and metabolizing doctrine; Exhale — application to life by the filling of the Holy Spirit. How are we filled with the spirit? Through application of doctrine learned, meditated upon, and applied to life.

The study of God’s Word is never complete. We will need eternity to learn all about our Savior and our God – Jesus Christ. Wisdom is forever because God is forever. Love is forever. Learning love and wisdom require eternity. That’s what eternity is for.

Experience develops character, and Godly character develops humility. Humility opens the door to truth, faith, and learning. Humility is rejection of self. Arrogance is rejection of God.

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