The Choice Is Yours

“Fortune and Fame” lead to “Torment and Shame” if it is not blessed by God.

If Satan and Hell are not real to you, then Christ and the Cross are not real to you!

Every man makes a choice even when he doesn’t choose!
The choices are:
The leader of the lawless, or
The Lord of Righteousness and Life.

The rope of the rich is longest in the hangman’s arsenal.

God holds the scales of death. If he holds you also, why do you fear?

The sound of judgment is either horrifying or justifying depending on your location.

Youth fights a lost battle.

The pride of the wealthy and the poor is always for sale.

Peace in the world shall be when we know each other as the brother of Cain and not Cain the brother.

Secularism is the empire of men’s desires. In our sensate society
God is not invited to the party.

When the thunder of my course is silent,
God’s trumpet will sound to take me home.

The place of many Swords is the Lord’s

Christ is stronger than death, greater than life.

Are we worms or wheels?
We are worms – you are wheels, Lord.

Enter hell through Treason’s Gate.

Hell is the abode of defiance — sleepless things tormented by eternal separation from God.

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