Revelation and Reason

God reveals Himself in many ways, such as His Son, His Holy Spirit, His Word, creation, and recorded history. But, He also proves Himself by the future through prophecy. God’s mighty works and power are everywhere displayed. God is the only accurate prophet.

A God that transcends time and space is incomprehensible. But, God is not beyond our natural senses. As believers, we sense oneness with God by His indwelling presence, from which He assures us of the reality of Heavenly existence.

We have access to God through Christ. All we have to do is talk to God or think and our thoughts are heard by God immediately on the other side of the universe, and within us, as that is His dwelling place as well. He hears millions of prayers at the same time. Our God is awesome.

God’s Word directs man to the intersection of time and eternity — the Cross.

Eternal Life begins at the Cross of death and never dies.

Faith and wisdom help us to tackle our problems before they tackle us.

God’s Word is designed to indwell believers for subsistence in time and eternity. It is a tangible piece of eternity in time.

Eternity is being formed by the believers’ time life. Christ is preparing our place in God’s eternity by the indwelling (filling) of the Holy Spirit and the fulfilling of God’s plan for our individual lives here on earth, in time.

The best and most effective prayer is a submissive (humbled) listener.

There are three wills: God’s, Man’s, and Satan’s. Which will is having its way in your life? There are three enemies of God and the believer: The world (other people); the flesh (human nature); and the devil. All of mankind (except the believer) is controlled or influenced by all three at all times. Only the believer in submission operates in fellowship with God’s will. Growing to maturity is when the believer begins to log more time in fellowship (under God’s influence) than the world.

A few defenders of Christianity in every generation cause most of the damage to the faith. A few defenders of the faith do most of the good for the cause of Christ.

Man can never be the source of meaning, nor understand the source because man is contradictory. Contradiction means man is in conflict. Man is in conflict with God. But, God reconciled that conflict. God is not the enemy! Satan is the enemy. If we deny God we exalt ourselves to the divinity that we deny. Today’s sensuous society has made self the center of self — the meaning of meaning. The final conflict is just ahead.

The insecurity of those introverted years, long past, still call out to me. I listen and search for answers through the span of time which evades me like the wind in my hand.

The garden of light became a jungle of darkness, but the Cross of death became the tree of Life.

Life is a stage — the audience is God and his heavenly host, along with Satan and his bunch.

Everything this side of eternity is a spiritual battlefield. There will be wars and rumors of wars until Jesus Christ the Messiah prosecutes judgment and establishes a new universe minus arrogance.

Christ’s footsteps lead straight to the cross. The Cross points the way to God.

American society is in transition from God to sensate (sensuous-self) redefining good and evil to suit personal pleasure.

The voice of society in America mocks God, but God will have the last laugh and it will not be a laughing matter.

Life is a stage whose actors and audience are the same — self.

Each one of us has three privileges: we can make ourselves in our own image; we can make God in our own image; or we can allow God to make us in the Image of His Son – Jesus Christ.

The two-edged sword defines the end of eternity as heaven and hell.

Through silent meditation we listen to and applaud Heaven. The silence of eternity without God is forever terrifying.

Man wants God to be, not to be, or let us be – so be it!

The world is full of infinite intelligibility denied by the intellect of mere men.

Faith is how we comprehend the incomprehensible. Humility is how we learn, love and live life under heaven, at the foot of the Cross, at the feet of God.

God is truth; truth is silent; justice is blind. Justification and truth came by Jesus Christ.

The words of the two-edged sword divides heaven and hell; life and death; the believer and the unbeliever; good and evil; time and eternity; God and man.

I  am because He is!  He is because I Am.

The Courage and Dignity of Jesus Christ is Matchless in all of Time and Eternity.

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