Skeptics believe in something, even if that belief is nothing — therefore, there is a believer in every skeptic.

World religions are the assimilation of human viewpoint whereby humanity creates their own god and their own salvation.

The subject of God as the source of moral authority has more implicating evidence than any other source. A divine source, more than any other theory, most logically answers the most consequential questions of life. This contention therefore requires less faith than atheism.

Every statement of untruth requires faith to be accepted. Secularism requires faith, even demanding faith. Secular humanism views the world as devoid of absolute authority and morality as individual preference. To believe there is no God is to make God what you want as you dictate from your throne.

Whatever conclusion we come to regarding existence of ourselves or God, there will always be opposing conclusions. If both the conclusion and the opposing conclusion are not provable then there is no certainty. Without certainty, both conclusions require faith. So, the object of one’s faith becomes the issue of contention. My object is Jesus Christ!

The unquenchable search for Truth is eternal. This search is for answers to questions unanswered, in order to quench the thirst of incomplete knowledge. If we were complete in our knowledge then there would be no questions and the void in our thinking would be filled with God — this is what eternity in Heaven is all about. Want to go there?

Truth and untruth can look so much alike while being mutually exclusive.

Truth and untruth exist. Good and evil exist. Therefore, there must be two sources: One source for Truth and another for untruth.

Even when there is overwhelming evidence, no matter how great, one cannot be compelled to believe. Belief requires assent of the mind — the will. Volition therefore, is the greatest exercise of the mind. In order to exercise the mind there must be memory. Memory then becomes the greatest asset of the mind. The mind is the soul and the soul is a shadow image of total intellect — God.

The above conclusions will have opposing conclusions, but both require faith to one degree or another. The Cross of Christ is Truth! The resurrection of Christ is Truth! Salvation through Faith in Christ is the only assurance of eternal life. Exercise your volition — believe it or not — but consider the finality of your decision … the eternal finality.

Happy Studying!

Originally written 10/10/2004

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