Christ Is Truth

The unbeliever is like the bird perched upon a telephone line, unaware of the Gospel passing through his feet.

When the thunder of my course is silent, I will have passed into peace.

During the believer’s confrontations, God pours out His abundant grace so that we may overcome.

Woe to the voices who preach “health and wealth” salvation in Christianity. 

There are too many people speaking for God and too many people saying God is speaking to them.

Too many Christians focus on blessings from God rather than sacrifice. We may have rights but we also have responsibilities.

Christ is the center of Truth from which life and freedom flows. Christ is the central Truth of the Bible, Salvation and the Christian life. Christ is Absolute Veracity! Jesus Christ is the personification of Truth. Therefore, Truth is a Person — Jesus Christ! Truth should be the object of our focus — our lives.

Happy Studying!

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