Dancing Angels


By C. S. Craig

October 10, 1996

This bedtime story is for children who care

About God and His angels everywhere

Cause angels are real sent from above

Messengers of God to spread his love.

Now, close your eyes so your thoughts can see

Listen to my story and imagine with me.

Not long ago, on a warm summer night

The moon came out and twas shining bright

I could see it through my window as I lay in my bed

And soon, visions of angels filled my head.

Then, suddenly my room seemed to glow with light

I opened my eyes – I couldn’t believe my sight

There stood an angel, near the foot of my bed

Before I could speak this is what she said …

Peace! Have no fear!

The Lord has sent me here.

Her wings shined like gold and she glowed all around

I spoke not a word, I made not a sound.

My name is Anastasia, the angel said

As she reached out to touch me, I just floated from my bed

Take my hand, she whispered, so you can fly with me

To an enchanted place I want you to see.

I held on real tight and what a cool sight

As we passed through my window into the night

We flew high in the sky and into a cloud

There was lightning and thunder, but it wasn’t loud.

Then, I saw moonbeams of brilliant light

Where angels were descending into the night

We followed them down on this ray of light

Where the moon on the water was shining bright.

It sparkled like diamonds on new powered snow

And angels were frolicking to-and-fro.

Suddenly the sky opened up and filled with light

I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight

There was music and the bells of heaven were ringing

And I saw angels everywhere dancing and singing.

And then, I heard God speak from heaven above

He said: These are my angels whom I dearly love

His voice was awesome and powerful, yet so quiet and true

That it calmed me in my soul, through and through.

In heaven, God said, there are no races

Just beautiful people with different faces

There’s no hate, no sickness, no fear,

No pain no sorrow, not even a tear

Cause sin is far removed from here.

Then, God called out with a mighty shout

Come up, come hither, come all about

And the angels ascended into the light

The sky closed up and they were gone from sight.

Then, Anastasia said …

Now that I have shown these things to you

It’s time for me to go, I have much to do.

Oh! I want to go too, I cried

You will someday, Anastasia replied …

When your time is done and God calls you home

I will come for you again, you won’t be alone.

On that day, we will fly again, you and I

Into that beautiful light up in the sky.

Now, I must leave you, but before I go

There’s just a few things you need to know:

God wants His angels to help children behave

And believe in His Son so they can be saved.

Normally, you can’t see angels, but we are everywhere

Helping all God’s children unaware.

Then, Anastasia exclaimed as she flew from my sight

I hope you’ll always remember this very special night

And, until next time, be good girls and boys

And be sure to thank God for all your toys.


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