Little Feet Across The Floor

My children, when you read my rhymes

Think of all the good family times

For as I write this poem I hear once more

Your little feet across the floor.

Sweet little voices still echo in my mind

Calling Daddy, Mommy from once upon a time

I can still feel the hugs and kisses too

And see your trust, your innocence in little eyes so true.

I often recall when I made you laugh and giggle

And tickled your tummy and watched you wiggle

Or held you in my arms and squeezed you tight

And you would squeeze me back with all your might.

I still remember the expressions of hate

When you saw the veggies on your plate

And though you thought I didn’t know

When I left the kitchen, in the trash they would go.

You were all such really good kids 

I rarely had to spank but a few times I did

Knowing when I came home, I’d use my belt

You padded your britches, and I hid the pain my heart felt.

I remember too, how excited you would get

Every Christmas at the thought of St. Nick

Your brother and I would search the woods for just the right tree

Then cut it down and bring it home to our little family

We would all decorate our Christmas Tree

I would do the lights, you would do the rest with Mommy

We would make paper chains and popcorn strings

I cherish the joy, the peace, Christmas memories bring.

Do you remember the Squaw Pass and South Park trips?

Our picnics of hamburgers or hot dogs and chips

We would climb the mountains and look for pretty rocks

Chase the chipmunks, see the view from mountain tops.

The years have flown and now you are grown

Married, with children of your own

But, I will always return to yesteryear 

To the sounds I love to hear 

The giggles at bedtime just once more

And the sounds of your little feet across the floor.

 C. S. Craig — December 29, 1997,  revised April 17, 2014

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