Oh Wind

Oh wind, speak to me

Why are you such a mystery

Tell me what it is like to be

Free as a breeze

Oh wind, where do you go

Why do you intrigue me so

Tell me, do you ever stop blowing

I’m sure the answer is worth knowing

 Oh wind, of restless wonder

 Do you cause the lightening, the thunder

Tell me what it is like to be free

 Tell me how you carry storms across the seas 

Oh wind, when you are gentle, trees clap

When you are angry, they bend and snap

Tell me do you ever rest or sleep

There are many secrets that you keep

Oh wind, I love the sound of your coming

Your whistles, your whining and humming

Only God can harness thee

And if He did would you cease to be

C. S. Craig – October 10, 1997 

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