My Three Daughters

I will always be your father; no one can take that away

I will always love you more than the words for love can say

If I could only turn back the clock to begin all over again

Back to the days when we could play together and pretend

When I could hold you in my arms and make you laugh and giggle

When we could play games, tell stories and hug just a little

We had some great times, together as a family

Your Mother, your brother, you three girls and me

We moved around a lot to many different places

But, love went with us on your smiling little faces

Many years have come and gone since you played at my feet

Or we sat down together as a family to eat

Times move on but we can always stop for a moment and recall

The days of growing up together and God’s love between us all

Now we can relive those glorious days we had together

Cause God turns back the clock, they are not lost forever

He gives us all a chance to do it all over again

By giving each of you a family to carry-on, just like back then

He gives me grandchildren to love and adore

So I don’t have to go back in time anymore

 Our family shall forever live on and we will never really part

If you will teach your children and love them with all your heart

Our little family is not divided, it is being multiplied in Christ

By grandchildren and the generations yet to be given life

Now it is your turn to carry-on our family traditions

 Just give your children your time and help with life’s decisions

Take them to church and lead them to Christ

 So we will all be together when we leave this life.


C. S. Craig April 1, 1997 

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