Your Salvation Has Been Graciously Provided

To start our lesson, we must realize that God IS integrity, and God’s integrity accepts no human being other than Christ, and that’s because Christ came and paid our admission fee to Heaven through His finished work on the cross.

God cannot accept even our most sincere heartfelt promises and good deeds, though He fervently desires that we all be saved. The very fact that God has provided salvation for man also tells us that there is no other way to be saved. None. And no, all roads do NOT lead to Heaven, nor do all roads lead to God. There is but one road and one way, and that’s through Christ Jesus Our Lord.

  • The fact that Christ died for our sins, in our place, proves that only Jesus Christ was/is qualified.
  • Christ is the only way of salvation.
  • God came to man, provided salvation and offers salvation. We do not “invite Jesus” into our hearts. Why? Because sinful man does not invite a perfect God anywhere. HE invites US.
  • God came to man (the incarnation, meaning He became flesh and dwelt among us).
  • God provided salvation (the Cross).
  • The Holy Spirit was sent by God to man.
  • The Holy Spirit executes the Christian Life, by indwelling every believer.
  • God gave His Holy Word (the Bible) so we can know Him personally. 

God loves you, He really does, and He desires a personal relationship with you more than anything else. Yes, you.

The same character of God that provided salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, also provides for the Christian Life through His Holy Spirit. God gave mankind one more gift: God provided the Bible – tangible evidence.

Hold it.  Read it. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Keep it in your heart.

We hope these statements challenge you by the Holy Spirit, to locate in your Bible the Scripture references that support these proclamations. By doing so,  the Holy Spirit will warm your heart with Love and Peace and Joy, in the LORD.

For much more detailed information, please see “God Has Already Provided Your Salvation.” 


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