Psalm 23

The Shepherd/sheep relationship is meant to be calming and re-assuring in Psalm 23 — read it often, and then just meditate on each expression. This is an excellent Psalm and, with contemplation, becomes a quiet time between you and the Lord.
Allow the Lord to express his love and concern for you as you dwell upon these passages of Scripture. You may even want to memorize a verse or verses that stand out to you, ones who speak to your soul, ones you can take with you and remember in times of trouble.
The entire Bible assumes and presents the existence of one true God. There is no attempt to prove and no attempt to defend the point — it is stated as fact. Even the thought “there is no God” is the thinking of fools (Psalms 14:1). The intimate relationship that we may have with the LORD our SHEPHERD, is an honor, a privilege and provided by Yahweh (JHVH) Jehovah. This is God’s exclusive name and is applied to the one true God. It is carefully guarded and shared with no other.
The identity of the shepherd is followed by the theme statement, “I shall not want” — “lack” would be a better translation.
Psalms 23 demonstrates that the sheep do not lack: “rest,” verse 2; do not lack “restoration,” verse 3a; do not lack “guidance,” 23b; do not lack “protection,” verse 23:4; do not lack “abundance,” 23:5; do not lack “hope,”  23:6. The context give us two aspects of His work with His sheep: He is the shepherd-guide in 23:3-4 and the shepherd-host in 23:5-6.
“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not lack.” 23:1. Compare Deuteronomy 2:7. We are promised spiritual growth and protection when we are obedient to our shepherd.
These thoughts were written by Chester A. McCalley in his booklet “Psalm 23 The Shepherd Psalm” used with permission. Chester is home with the Lord.
The shepherd guards his flock with his life and Christ gave His Life for all who believe and follow YAHWEH.
Blessings in fields of Grace where quiet waters flow through fertile meadows and green pastures.
Happy Studying in fields and green pastures of Grace.

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