The Subjection of Truth




Americans, in general, have lost their sense of objective moral truth.

Sentiment is not an excuse for compatibility with truth. Truth is not a relative thing.

The compromise of truth negates objectivity! Without absolute truth there can be no certainty. Without certainty there can be no right, no wrong. Without certainty there is no hope.

If morality is perceived as a matter of private feeling (personal choice), how then shall we live?

Neither science nor mathematical formula can lead mankind into utopia. When man tries to find truth apart from God, man becomes his own truth.

Truth cannot be separated from truth. Truth is! Hold on to truth, keep the faith, stay with God! A half truth presented as the whole truth is an untruth. Untruth and truth are mutually exclusive. 

The loss of personal virtue, and respect for and obedience to the laws of divine establishment, have always equated to an erosion of political and economic liberty, and eventually freedom. Wake-up America!

Family is the backbone of society!

A free society, in order to remain free, must respect the Laws of Divine Establishment and the rights of each individual, based on those laws. Freedom is generational.

If naturalism is true, then we create God in our image, and we are doomed to a labyrinth of human philosophy.

The ultimate authority is absolute. GOD IS!

How do we know truth is true? Answer: Know Christ

Where do we learn Truth? Answer: The WORD OF GOD — Learn Christ.

Truth is a person — Jesus Christ (John 14:6). In the beginning (of time) was the Word (past tense — already existed) and the word was with God (had always been with God) and the Word was God (always God) John 1:1.

In closing: Degeneracy, like apostasy, is turning away from God, in disbelief or disobedience. What will be the ultimate cost of degeneracy in America? 

How shallow is the thinking of those who cannot believe in what they do not see? How tragic!

C.S. Craig 





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