Humility is Orientation to Reality, Authority, and Truth

The Cross of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Messiah, is the starting place for genuine humility.

Genuine humility is oriented to reality (God), and to proper authority (God’s Words of Truth). 

Humility may be defined as “freedom from subjectivity by proper orientation to God. Humility is the virtue of teachability and respect for authority.” In humility, God lifts the soul to a more advantageous point of view.

“Fear (respect and reverence) the Lord and He will instruct him in the way ‘chosen’ for him” (Psalm 25:12).

Good and honorable is the Lord. Therefore, He instructs sinners in the way. In justice He guides the humble. Consequently, He teaches the humble His way (Psalm 25:9). In Psalm 25: 1-21, the Psalmist David prays for and acknowledges that the Lord is full of mercy and forgiveness, always ready to teach, to instruct, to deliver and guide.

One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life (time and eternity), to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His Temple (Psalm 27:4)Please note:Time and eternity” added.

In humility, the believer is on soul-knees in subjection, honoring the Most High God of Heaven and Earth. As believers, we must learn to recognize and praise the Lord for His gracious bestowal of blessings. Always remember to acknowledge, and with gladness in your heart, joyfully celebrate God.

God’s Heavenly Throne will once again have its counterpart in Jerusalem from which center Christ the Lord will rule; the Seat of His Election is Zion (Psalm 132:13-14).

I love the House where you live, O Lord, the place where your Glory dwells. I am not worthy. I am a terrible sinner. Christ Jesus, by your Divine Plan, died for me, and I am humbled by my unworthiness and your loving-kindness.  How can sinful men (any human) crucify the Son of Man? From this most horrible act of evil, has come the greatest gift from God … our great salvation. 

Clothe yourselves with humility (1 Peter 5:5). And how do we clothe ourselves?  We take up our Cross daily and study and learn God’s Plan (2 Timothy 2:15), and then apply Gods Word to the details of your daily life. Be filled with the Spirit! How? Name (admit) your transgressions to the Lord in prayer (1 John 1:9). Then move on and pay attention to the Holy Spirit, (Acts 9:17; Ephesians 5:18), and follow Christ up the road to eternity. Please turn to Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23 and meditate quietly with the Lord on these things.  

Humility is a deep subject. It begins with obedience to the Gospel (3:35-36; Acts 16:31; Romans 5:8) but our teacher is the Holy Spirit. We must inculcate (take in fervently) and metabolize (process the truths learned) Bible doctrine by study, then go out as ambassadors to a world living in darkness.

Men love darkness because they fear God and love the sin they are in (John 3:16-21). As God’s Ambassadors here on earth, after salvation, we are to represent Christ until He returns to take us home to glory. We must plant seeds of love and kindness in others so that they can learn by our loving gentleness toward them. 

There is something about humble people that is very desirable. There is something undesirable about arrogant people. There is something special about love and something very wrong with hate. 

The unbeliever, in ego arrogance, rejects the authority of God. Rejection of God’s authority or acceptance of God’s authority is the choice of every person.  Do you stand, or kneel? 

Think on these things as daily you wait on the coming return of the Lord.  Think on these things whenever you are face to face with others. The alcoholic, the drug addict, the imprisoned, the arrogant, the proud and boastful, all need Christ. Pray for them and show them the Love of God which surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7).

Blessings in Fields of Grace.  Happy Studying.     




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