Religious or Related

Someone once wisely said:  “I left the rituals of religion for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” 

Authentic Christianity is NOT a religion — religion is ritual without reality!  Christianity is a personal relationship with the only living God, through faith in Christ Jesus (John 14:6; Acts 4:12).

Jesus condemned religion and religious people. Read Christ’s harsh words for yourself, in the following verses: Matthew 23: 23-38; Mark 12: 38-40; Luke 20: 45-47.                       

  RELIGION HAS MANY FACES – Religion seems so right.

  • All religions of the world are man’s presumptuous attempt to gain the approval and attention of a deity. Only Jesus Christ is worthy of divine approval and praise.
  • Religion may best be defined as human good (finite self-righteousness)  which is mankind working for salvation and the applause of men and of God — human good and religious ritual gratifies the ego and eases the conscience.
  • God rejected human good (man’s own effort) in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3: 7, 21).  
  • Religious, egotistical hypocrites, not the Romans, crucified Christ!
  • Religion is Satan’s most successful counterfeit to God’s Grace Plan.
  • Religious pride is arrogance. Pride blinds men of the gospel of Grace — it is a stumbling block to self-righteous hypocritical people who actually believe God is impressed with them. How arrogant, self-righteous, legalistic and illogical it is, that a finite human being can think: “I am worthy of the infinite.” 
  • Self-righteous people are proud of their ‘house of cards.’ The Ten Commandments become a check card by which they can keep track of their human good – self-righteousness, while at the same time feeding their pride and inflating their ego like a hot-air balloon.
  • Religious do-gooders (for salvation) cannot meet their own self-appointed standards for salvation (Romans 3:23), so God provided salvation. Have you accepted or rejected God’s gift-offer of everlasting life through Jesus Christ (John 3:15-18; 3:36)?   

Happy Studying in Fields of Grace

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