From The Upper Room To The Garden

The Bible is the story of grace-fields. Come walk with the Lord in Fields of Grace …

Please open and turn in your Study Bible to John Chapters 13-17. Read the context for yourself. As you read, realize that you have just joined Jesus and His disciples in the upper room. It is 33 A.D., they are seated around the table (please, be seated and observe quietly, meditating on these things as you read).

These are the actual words of Christ and the communion of fellowship at the Last Supper, as it actually transpired those many years ago. Now, read them from your own Bible and picture in your mind the scene as the Holy Spirit fills you with His presence and gives you the insight to feel the compassion, the beauty and depth of these events — events that are forever sealed in time and eternity.

It is important that you read and meditate on the words of our Lord in these five chapters. In chapter 17, Christ prays the prayer that should bring the world to its knees. When you have finished chapters 13-17, please pause and think on these things, then read these events a second time. Perhaps this second time you will envision even more the tender moments of fellowship; the passion of our dear and wonderful Lord.  

In His prayer, in chapter seventeen, Christ had you and me personally in mind … and this is what gave Him the courage to face the cross of crucifixion in our place.

Just stop to think: If we would have been nailed to the cross, we would still be UNSAVED. Why is that? Because only a perfect, unstained human being — the perfectly innocent Lamb of God, could save humanity! There has never been a perfect human being since the Fall of Adam in Genesis chapter three, except Jesus Christ, who is God and became like humanity to save us. God the Second person of the Trinity volunteered to become a human being just to save us. This is our God! The Bible is a story that covers time from eternity past to eternity future. 

The Bible is never outdated because human nature is the same in every generation. The Bible Story is told by God, who breathed inspiration.

Happy Studying in Fields of Grace.

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