Memory Garden

In memory of my Mother – Edna Jeanette Hickman Craig – October 10, 1921 – August 15, 1995.  

by C. S. Craig  August 15, 2017


The roads of life are sweeter, shared

Let us steal away if we dare

On paths of wonder, winds of change

Timeless moments – life unchained

Each day a new road meant for two  

We’ll make a memory garden, me and you

We’ll sleep in wild rose meadows deep

Until the night time shadows creep … away

Should you go first and I remain

I’ll love you just the same, but

One thing I’d have you do

Walk slow – I’ll catch up with you

Until then,  in spring when the flowers bloom

When birds sing their happy tunes

I’ll carry on in our memory garden

Perhaps I’ll catch a glimpse of you

I’ll hear your voice, I’ll see your smile

Stop and think of you awhile

Then walk the paths we walked together

Through fields that last forever

There’s one more thing if God will allow

Leave your footsteps for me to follow

So that, one day down that eternal lane

You’ll hear me call your name.

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