Metabolized Doctrine

Metabolizing doctrine entails Biblical Truth received in the left lobe of the brain as knowledge. By faith, knowledge understood and believed (faith-digested mentally) is then transferred to the right lobe where it becomes epignosis. Epignosis is doctrine ready for application in life.

SPIRITUAL METABOLISM is the Holy Spirit causing Biblical Principles to be understood, believed, and transferred to the right lobe and applied to life. It is the mechanics for unmerited eternal rewards. The believer needs only to be positive to, and learn, Bible doctrine in the filling of the Holy Spirit as a daily functions in the PPG—Predesignated Plan of God and the PPPG—Personal Predesigned Plan of God for each believer.

The unbeliever operates in the sphere of gnosis (knowledge alone that just sits there). He has received Biblical information but has rejected these truths. Likewise, the believer can also reject a particular doctrine by disbelief. Gnosis is life in the realm of disbelief while epignosis is the “super-abundant life” (not necessarily prosperity, but joy and peace and fulfillment — the fruits of the Spirit) as the believer advances to maturity. Bible knowledge not acted upon by faith remains gnosis. By active faith it becomes epignosis. Epignosis is the availability of Bible doctrine for application to the details of life … in your PPPG experience.

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