Pre-designed Plan of God/Grace (Galatians 5:16; Ephesians 3:18). Pre-designed means God’s provision for every believer was preordained in eternity past. This “pre-ordination” is called the Doctrine of Divine Decrees. PPG is God’s plan for every believer and He provides everything the believer needs to fulfill His plan. God’s policy toward mankind comes through the Cross and centers in Christ. PPPG (Personal Pre-designed Plan of God) is synonymous and perhaps an even better description of God’s Grace towards each believer.

Perfect God has provided His Perfect Truth (Ephesians 4:21b, 24-25, 29) and His own power (Ephesians 4:30a) for the execution of every believer’s life-plan. Perfect God has a perfect plan for your life and the life of every believer. God’s Perfect Plan is designed for imperfect believers. The main purpose of the indwelling presence of the Trinity in every believer is the execution of God’s perfect plan in His children (believers).

Because the believer retains their sin nature (human nature) throughout their mortal life on earth (1 John 1:8-10), their contribution to the plan of God would only corrupt the plan. The believer cannot execute God’s Plan for their life through human ability, human personality, human talent or human works. If the perfect execution of the plan of God depended on man or man’s merit, the plan would become imperfect. The believer enters God’s perfect plan on the merits of Jesus Christ (trusting the cross-sacrifice of Christ). This is Grace.

The principle of Grace remains in force after salvation, and God’s Plan of Grace is executed by the Holy Spirit indwelling every born-again believer. God’s Plan of Truth is eternal for the believer.


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