Your Cross, My Cross-Over Place

My iniquities are never hidden in the light of Your truth. Because of You Lord, I dwell in the hiding place of Your love; soar in the shadow of Your wings; rest in Your mighty hand. From eternity You came — to everlasting You returned — You are everything always and forever — I am dust. You have given Your angels charge concerning me, to guard my ways — I am humbled. You washed my feet and anointed my head with oil, my cup runneth over — I am not worthy.

Splendor, strength and silence belong to You Lord, and you share them in meditation as You prepare my path. You walk before me. You show me the lights of eternity that shine on Your Cross which is my cross-over place. I am in Thee for always and always because you died for me. Everyday, Your angels sing a new song that touches my soul and renews my spirit. As I read Your eternal Word, I love You more and more. Where we go from here, Lord, is not my concern, it is our adventure in odyssey. Amen.

By C. S. Craig – March 29, 2005

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