The Place In The Dell

From the dock the lights seem to dance on the lake

Like diamonds to just reach out and take

Sounds of night creatures echo in the wind

All becomes quiet as our little story will soon begin.

In the log cabin George, Laura, Georgia, and Rachel

wait with excitement for Daddy to tell    

his wonderful stories they love so well

about the place in the dell.

Then they take each other by the hand, and off they go

to their secret place in the dell.

A make believe forest where all is well

a fairyland where wonderful creatures dwell.

Then, as the moon shines into night suddenly they see

tiny little people with glowing lights moving through the trees.

“Quickly, we must hide,” Daddy said 

“Here! Let’s lie down in the flower bed.”

Then came the marching band, and tiny animals too

Walking side by side, two by two

 down the hill came the little parade

all dressed in costumes of masquerade.

There were rabbits and ponies, roosters and hens,

raccoons and squirrels and then…

reindeer prancing … little children dancing

rainbow riders and playful spiders.

Birds and butterflies; grasshoppers and frogs

they came from the swamps and the bogs.

“This is so cool, Daddy!” the children whispered

“Look! Daddy, Look!” they all exclaimed.

More marchers and little kids singing and humming.

Over there the little drummer boy’s drumming

Oh my! There‘s a Fairy Princess, dancing and singing

 And dwarfs leading the way with little bells ringing

Wow! Look there under the cobweb shawls

Baby fairies playing with their tiny little dolls

Oh! Look at the little elves, see them run

Come on Daddy let’s join the fun

I wish we could children but they would see us and disappear

Then they might not come back again for fear

 Soon the parade was gone out of sight

All the creatures vanished into the night

Maybe the little parade will come back again some day

Maybe then we can join the fun and play

But, their secret place we need not tell

The place in the forest down in the dell.

Written by Daddy — C. S. Craig 


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