If the nature of our physical world were different, would it be empty of matter?  If space were different, would it be full or empty?  If our vision were untarnished and perfect would we see the unseeable? Would what we then see be the spiritual world of eternity? If we cannot think the unthinkable, is it an empty thought? If there is nowhere to go from here, is this the beginning of nowhere or the end of nothing?  If life is an illusion, does it allude to reality or from reality? If life doesn’t really exist, what does? Will life on this side of true reality be more understandable on the other side of reality?

God transcends space and time and the Bible comes from God’s location beyond time and space. Mankind can think of many dimensions of existence but we can only experience our own dimension. God created us, predetermined things for us while simultaneously giving us freedom to choose our destination. God is one God in three persons. Explain that by single-dimensional thinking.

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