The Center of Change

Our society is being unwittingly reborn; our culture subtly reshaped; and reality redefined. The fog of liberalism/progressivism has, like the mist, quietly submerged us in neutrality. Today there seems to be a vacuum at the center of our hearts where truth was once the cherished possession of our heritage.

The center of life must be Truth. The pursuit of knowledge without truth at the center becomes the pursuit of power without morality. Power without morality is tyranny and tyranny destroys freedom and nationalism.

The heresy of mystical imagination has become the thinking for establishing truth and logic. The death of God movement of the past left open the door to human nature which has walked through it into the transcendental light of human divinity and thought which states that “I am god.”

As god, man will self-destruct because the center of life, the very core of reality, is not self, it is Truth, and Truth is Absolute. Where there is no absolute truth, truth becomes what we each perceive it to be. Perceived truth, conceived without a center in God, is clearly a manifestation of evil without remorse rising from the ashes of perversion and depravity. If there is no objective morality, reality will become chaos in the fires of self-destruction.

The liberalism of today was born with the baby boomers of the mid forties and early fifties. It found expression in the sixties. It is reality today. It has changed the center of our life so that we each make our own center of existence apart from God, becoming god ourselves.

Meaninglessness comes from undisciplined indulgence in sensual pleasure, thinking we have arrived at the gates of utopia when in reality we have arrived at the gates of hell.

God must be the center of life. The Bible must be the center of culture. The Bible unites culture and education. It binds our differences to make us united and tolerable of one another. The Bible is the core of existence. The Word of God holds the universe together. The Bible is living and powerful. It is the fullness that must fill the void in man’s soul.

The Cross of Christ’s suffering and His historical resurrection offer the only hope for a confused, lost and dying world. The most important fact of Scripture is that it contradicts man’s thinking and requires us to reexamine ourselves from Divine perspective. The error of our changing ways must be redirected to the center of reality, which is God.

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