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In the corridors of darkness, we wrestle our own inner-demons (not literal) who control the mind by controlling the flesh. As we struggle with our fleshly appetites, we can only be victorious by confession, repentance, and forgiveness from God, who will forgive every time because Christ paid for every sin (past present and future sin).

Every believer will always be a recovering believer, until God calls the believer home. Therefore, we must habitually practice our faith in obedience. 

But how do we practice what we do not understand? Answer: Learn God — learn Bible Doctrine — God has a Perfect Plan for every believer.

Tragically, postmodern culture has infected and weakened the individual Christian. The result is a weak Christianity and a weak Church, which produces a weak nation.

Declining biblical literacy brings with it a terrible price, perhaps even loss of freedom, spiritual identity and destruction of national entities. America is no exception. Lifestyle is no exception. Rejection of Biblical Truths is no exception. God does not accept our justification of lifestyles “because He knows we mean well and love Him.”

Obedience is not an easy thing, if it were, we would all be self-righteous, demanding obedience to our righteousness or else. Righteousness IS GOD. Think on that. We might be desperate, weary of praying, ready to throw in the towel, but GOD STILL IS! Ask yourself this question and listen to the thunder of Truth: IS GOD? 

How we understand ourselves and interpret our passions, by justifying our fleshly appetites or our disobedience, does not change God, GOD STILL IS.


How we understand ourselves and God’s character determines the kind of life we choose to live. People scapegoat their sin. “Fight the good fight to which you were called.” (1 Timothy 6:12-14) Making Truth compatible with our lifestyle is a terrible injustice to ourselves and God.

As believer’s we are left on earth to represent Christ. Does your lifestyle bring honor or shame to Christ?   

Self-pity is a handcuff of emotional revolt in the soul. Revolt of any kind is rejection of God’s authority. “God doesn’t answer my prayers and change me.” Stop living in the flesh, and God, in His appointed time, will answer your prayers AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

God is not a scapegoat. Don’t blame God for your chosen life in the flesh. Stop sinning. Start loving yourself right after you start loving God again, and the sin you are in will flee from you. Be responsible. Repent (which really mean to change your mind about sin and your choice in indulging it) and move on with your life.

Our responsibility as human beings is to be responsible. Our Christian responsibility is to be obedient and faithful to Christ who died in our place. Our responsibility to God is to be subordinate to the Holy Spirit. When we are faithful in these things then God will hear our prayers and heal our hurts. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit can give you victory in your struggle against the flesh. 

Surrender your WILL, your DESIRES, your ADDICTION(S). Admit your sin issues and God will forgive you and cleanse you from your unrighteousness — for His Name sake.

Take God’s Hand — start walking with Him and never look back.

It will be the most wonderful journey of your life.

Start looking up from your wounded soul. Start walking again in fields of Grace. God has a wonderful plan for you. Go, live it. Seek first the Kingdom of God and the things you desire will be added to you or removed for Christ’s sake and yours.

Lifestyle faith is not the true faith of obedience. Stop deceiving yourself. The devil has sold you a lie.


Happy studying in Fields of Grace.

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