Left vs. Right

America’s spiritual heritage is on the brink of cultural disaster.

The greatest tragedy is: while the naturalist and the liberal slander and mock the Christian faith, they destroy their own freedom and their own soul by the weight of their own liberal humanism. Christianity can never be annihilated because it’s Savior (Christ) has risen from the dead. If one says that God is dead, then he is also saying there was a God. 

If then, there was a God, there is still and always will be a God!

In the Courtroom of God disbelief is a double-cross.

A double standard does not a single mind make valid — it only makes hypocrisy. Liberalism is beautifully wrapped in contradiction by its own standards of double truth. Untruth is not truth because it has many faces — it is untruth with many contradictions. Truth, to the naturalist, must suit their purpose else it is not truth. I couldn’t agree more — it is not truth if truth is compromised. 

This mentality not only destroys truth, it destroys reason. Mankind without God can only self-destruct. The mentality that “your rights are fine provided they agree with my rights,” isn’t freedom at all … it is tyranny and tyranny always leads to destruction and ruin. 

Freedom without choice is not freedom, it is slavery and fatalistic at best.

Meaning and interpretation of truth are not just matters of opinion. If the standards by which we judge the Bible are not based on truth, but perception, then we can we can make the Bible mean what we want it to mean. If we give truth whatever interpretation we want then truth holds no truth. Meaning it does not give power, it interprets power.

The retreat from truth brings the advance of tyranny.

Truth must be objective. Truth is not about power, it is about God, more specifically Jesus Christ. The left hand of liberalism builds its philosophy on sand. The right hand of truth is built on Christ. Any attempt to make truth subjective is basically a denial of Christ.

If you are American and Christian you had better take your stand on the Word of God and hold fast to Truth. Stand up for your Christian beliefs before the rights of others destroy the rights of us all.

Wake up America and stop passing the buck. Christianity is everyone’s responsibility because Christ made freedom possible and America great. Christ’s Truth goes marching on. Glory, glory hallelujah; glory glory hallelujah; glory, glory hallelujah – HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON.

Happy Studying!

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