Importance of Systematic Theology


The word doctrine is found in both the Old and New Testaments and expresses teaching. This teaching may be referred to as subjects or categories of truth. Bible doctrine is the teaching of the word of God on any given subject. In other words, Bible doctrine is the organized, systematic presentation of Biblical Truths. Bible doctrine may be defined as God’s declarations of eternal truths. True doctrine finds its source in Divine revelation.

God’s truths are likened to rain droplets, dew, and showers. In Deuteronomy 32:2, “Let my teaching drop as the rain. My speech distill as the dew, as droplets on the fresh grass and as showers on the herb.” This metaphor demonstrates and expresses the result of teaching by categories. Just as water nourishes the earth and all living creation, Bible Doctrine is likewise essential everyday in the believer’s spiritual life. The Word of the Lord nourishes the soul and gives the soul peace. God’s Word inspires a “relaxed mental attitude” (RMA) so we can face each new day, each new circumstance, with faith and courage.


Pastors, Teachers, Professors and Theologians do not have permission from God to restrict the field of Systematic Theology in the seminary classroom, nor the church classroom!  

“Systematic theology, the greatest of the sciences, has fallen upon evil days.” Louis Sperry Chafer,  1948,  Systematic Theology, (Volume 1 – Preface)

Chafer recognized that many of America’s Seminaries were moving away from the systematic instruction of God’s Word, with the result that more and more Pastor/Teachers would eventually do the same. To counter this liberal movement, Chafer founded Dallas Theological Seminary, which for many years taught Systematically. Today (21st century) CHAFER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, 1800 E. La Veta Avenue, Orange, CA 92866, carries on the legacy fostered by Chafer.

God has declared more than forty times in Scripture, the importance of “teaching” His Word (Bible Doctrine). Doctrine actually means “teaching truth(s).” Our Seminaries, Pastors and Teachers must take hold of God’s Word and return to Teaching Systematic Theology to their congregations.

Please open your Bibles and read the following scripture: 1 Timothy 1:3; 4:6, 16; 2 Timothy 3:10, 16; 4:2, 3.

“Each of these verses from the Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul, stand as silent witness to God’s intention that ALL BELIEVERS should STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO THE BELIEVER THAN THE SUPERNATURAL AND ETERNAL TRUTHS OF GOD’S WORD! THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE WORD OF GOD – The Mind of Christ.(1 Corinthians 2:1-16). — C. S. Craig.


No student of Scripture should be satisfied to traffic only in the teaching of others. The student must search out the Scriptures and compare doctrine to doctrine; line upon line; verse upon verse, for themselves. There is also far-reaching benefit in knowing the history of knowledge of theological opinion. Studies in theology, original languages (grammatical usage), expository teaching and the historical setting are imperatives for the Pastor/Teacher.

A Spirit-filled Pastor/Instructor is called by God to teach the Word and “perfecting” (maturing and equipping or equipment) the saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:11, 12). The ministry referred to is the ministry of believers for representing Christ as witnesses to the truths of Christ. So the Pastor/Teacher is responsible for equipping each member of the congregation.

Quotes to ponder:

The Bible may be compared to a Stream flowing forth from Heaven … every man should drink, every believer must drink.” — C. S. Craig.

Countless teachers since the Apostle Paul have been gifted by God with scholarship for teaching and a passion for souls. God has a program for the ages which involves every person and God’s Plan centers around His Son, Jesus Christ.” — C. S. Craig.

“Systematic Theology is the task of arranging and exhibiting the Truths of Scripture for accurate and thorough presentation.  Every professor, and every pastor/teacher should be skilled in these teaching methodologies. The Bible is lifelong study material directly from God for teaching His Children. The Pastor/teacher must dedicate himself to teaching the Oracles of God to his congregation. The Laws of systematic presentation should be at the heart of every Pastor.” — C. S. Craig.

The Spirit of God is given to every saved person as an indwelling Paraclete, providing the same power source used by Christ during His earthly Ministry, and the Holy Spirit is our limitless resource both for teaching and understanding (Luke 24:27-32, 45). Therefore, every believer should be a student of learning, and that learning should be taught from the Pulpit, and the auditorium is a classroom. The Bible presents limitless supernatural revelation from the God of the created universe.

Patient and tireless research and study must go into every teaching message on Sunday morning. Systematic Theology is a vast science of Heavenly revelation. Wise is the person who with unrelenting purpose pursues the study of God’s Word until the Lord bids them, “come home!”

Finally, Systematic Theology should be unabridged, interdependent and interrelated.

Pray, if you are a believer, for your Pastor/teacher. Pray for his illumination to teach systematic categories and verse by verse exposition by the historical setting.   

Happy Studying!

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