In our Bible Study class, “Grace Awakening, Defining Truth,” we learned that God had appointed (ordained) all the occurrences of history (time) before He Created anything. In theology (the study of God) His Ordained history is called the Doctrine of “Divine Decrees.”

We also learned that God has a plan for each of us, specifically designed for our personal walk in Grace-fields.

As we walk our path through life in fields of Grace (or grace-fields), we exercise our freedom of choice (volition), which God gave man at creation. Regardless of our choices, God’s Plan is unaffected — God’s Plan is Absolute! God is never caught off guard! God is never surprised! God knew our every thought (positive and negative, good and evil), billions of years ago. God has always known us. God has always known every decision we would ever make. God has always known the impact of every decision, on ourselves and on others. Our decisions make history what it is!

Most fascinating of all is the fact that God’s Will and man’s volition co-exist, yet God’s Plan (will) for time, history, and all creation is not compromised. Think about that … this is our God! The life that you are living right now, is lived by your choices and God’s Will, without contradiction or compromise.

History is ordained based on God’s Veracity (truthfulness) and our individual freedom, and that is impossible except with God! Perhaps now you can recognize the imperative of learning God and learning to live the Christian Life.

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon ponders the sovereign design of God (3:1-22) and concludes that all the events of time, life, and creation are divinely appointed. God has ordained the continuous cycles and events of all life (past, present and future) until He speaks otherwise. Time, history, creation — life itself, exists not by some random chance that came from nothing, but by the Word of God.  Believe it, or not.

Chapter three of Ecclesiastes should be metabolized slowly with much prayer-thought (meditation). God speaks through Solomon directly to each of us. Make it a point to read it again and again. Then, follow this up with Isaiah, Proverbs and Psalms. Then, turn to John and read it again. Each time you read the marvelous Book of John, the Lord breaths deeper meaning into our soul-lungs. Through God’s Word, the believer-reader inhales as God exhales … is that Divine, or what? THAT’S OUR GOD! THERE IS NO OTHER! JEHOVAH ELOHIM.

Each time we read the INCOMPARABLE BIBLE — The ”Book of Life” — God speaks softer, and our spirit is lifted higher; the believer can hear God with deaf ears.

Listen, always listen, for His Whispers of Love.

From my grace-fields to yours, Happy Studying.

“Every journey has its baggage. We must learn to carry ours and help others to carry theirs.” — C. S. Craig August 15, 2017.

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