Interesting Observations In Genesis

Genesis is where we find ourselves – our completeness. – C. S. Craig.


The Bible is the most important Book ever written. The Bible does not seek to prove itself – it simply states amazing facts of True Reality as provided by the inspiration of the only Living God, who Created from nothing the heavens and the earth. Genesis (the first book of the Bible) is the embryo – the basis upon which the entire Bible is structured.

Without the Bible and especially Genesis, mankind would be incomplete!  Genesis explains the foundations of life, history, and truth and in so doing the Bible becomes our learning place – it is where the origin of our past begins! Genesis is where knowledge begins because “all knowledge come from God.” 

The Bible establishes God as Sovereign. It begins with God and the first created man – Adam. Genesis is characterized by God’s love, justice, and mercy. Without Genesis the entire Bible would be incongruent. All sixty-six Books of the Bible are based from the Book of Beginnings.

“Genesis” is a Greek word and means “origin.” The first word in Hebrew (bereshith) of Genesis is translated “in the beginning.” All future revelations of God are built upon the genesis foundation whose Chief Cornerstone is Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  

Genesis tells of many beginnings: The creation of the universe and Earth 1:1 – 1:25;  the creation of the human race 1:26-2:25; the first sin 3:1-7; the first promise of salvation 3:15; the beginning of family life ordained by God  4:1 – 15; the beginning of civilization – 4:16-9:29;  nationalism 10 & 11; the beginning of the Hebrew people – 12 – 50.

Genesis is indeed the Book of Beginnings and only God could testify to these beginnings – no one else was present.

Genesis begins with “God,” who has no beginning. Genesis ends “in a coffin” – Genesis 50:26.

The Bible is a Book that records the relationship between God and man. It records the fall of man from Grace and continuous human failure since the fall. The Bible reveals a God who saved us from ourselves (John 3:15). Where sin increased, God’s Grace increased all the more (Romans 5:20) for God’s people – God is so Gracious, so Merciful, so Loving, so kind … we are beneficiaries of God’s Glorious Grace … Praise God from whom all blessing flow … Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Satan apparently has a special enmity for Genesis because it exposes him as the enemy of God and the great deceiver. His destruction is foretold in Genesis 3:15.

Genesis is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Anyone who does not accept Genesis as authentic contradicts Jesus Christ and blasphemes God. Genesis is a statement of facts originating from God by God’s own inspiration. Genesis explains our origin and is a prophecy of our future. The other 65 books are a record of history.

Revelation our 66th book is where we are going and what awaits us when we get to our appointed future.  

Paradise was lost in Genesis, but is restored in the Book of Revelation. All that God originally intended before the fall of man will be consummated in the future. Genesis begins with the beginning that was not a beginning. Revelation ends with the end which is the beginning of forever.


Three men of importance:  Adam, Enoch, and Noah.

Four important events: Creation, Fall, Flood, and Tower of Babel.

The first humans were created – Adam (Genesis 1:26), and the “Woman” (Genesis 2:21-23).

As one flesh they begot Cain – the firstborn human (Genesis 4:1).

Adam and Eve’s second son (Abel) was the first to die physically, but his death was not natural, he was the first to be a victim of murder. Cain was the first murderer and the first brother to kill his brother (Genesis 4:8).

The first man not to die was Enoch (Genesis 5:24).

So we have the first marriage, the first murder and the first promise of Messiah after the fall (Genesis 2:23-25; 4:8; 3:15).

The first illustration of self-righteousness (human good) and  religion  (Genesis 3:7).

The rejection of religion and human good by God, and God’s first offer of redemption “the coats of skins” (Genesis 3:21).

WOTM sincerely hopes that these observations in Genesis will inspire you to read again the first book of the Bible with a new fresh approach for study of this incomparable record. Just remember: only God was present at Creation, therefore only God could give us the record of Creation.

In closing, a study of mythology can help the believer to see how ancient man tried to answer ultimate questions about life and reality before God’s light of revelation had dawned upon him. Interestingly, un-redeemed man is still in pursuit of the untruth of myth because he has rejected the Truth of God.

Thank you, Father for your wonderful Word … may we be challenged anew by these things.  In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen

Happy Studying!

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