Divine Establishment

Divine Institutions

There are four major baseline principles for mankind, clearly defined and explained and consistently verified in Scripture. God ordained FOUR Divine Institutions through which the Laws of Divine Establishment function: 

1). Individual

2). Marriage

3). Family

4). The National Entity

God delegated a primary authority within each institution under each institution: volition for the individual, the husband for marriage, parents for the family, and government for the national entity — the people. 

These four divine institutions were in God’s Plan from eternity past. They came into existence, however, when the time was full — each at its own time, to serve God’s purpose. 

Individual Volition (Genesis 1:26) 

Man was given volition (freedom of choice) to operate rationally in his soul rather than according to instincts — not pre-programmed. Mandates from God are directed toward volition. The basis for faith — accept or reject salvation. In John 3:36 the mandate is to believe in Christ — obedience. See also: 1 Timothy 2:4.

Marriage — Husband (Genesis 2:22-25)

After salvation, a most important decision in life is a LIFETIME partner. Marriage and volition originated in the garden of Eden before the fall (Genesis 2:22-25).  

Both man and woman choose to enter a mutual relationship, to become one (volition). Marriage provides the structure for authority and stability in the family and in society. The institution of the family is the foundation of civilization. And that is why the family is attacked by society and the media so much; it comes from nearly all angles, really. Be wary. Guard your family as your most prized possession … because it is.

God’s Plan for marriage forbids fornication, adultery, promiscuity, homosexuality, communal living, polygamy, frivolous divorce. When the divine design is spurned by sufficient people, degeneracy permeates society and a nation declines. 

Authority in marriage is given to the husband (Ephesians 5:22; Colossians 3:18; 1 Peter 3:1). Love your wife, guard and keep her freedom. (Ephesians 5:25). “Woman respect your husband” [authority] (Ephesians 5:33b). Mutual respect in marriage is the highest form of love. Marriage forms the most basic and the most important unit in society. Marriage provides the framework for conjugal love and the only legitimate environment for sex. Therefore, marriage is the foundation for the third institution — FAMILY, and the FOURTH, National Entity. 

FamilyParents (Genesis 4:1)

The National EntityGovernment (Genesis 10:5) – formation of nations.

All four divine institutions actually interlock and freedom depends on PROPER EXECUTION (obedience to God).

Oh, how easily we can lose our personal freedoms and even our national sovereignty.     

The proper regulation of volition in the soul of both believers and unbelievers  demands personal character, which demands self-disciplinea determination to do what is right. This fundamental character trait is the foundation for integrity, honor, and nobility, which are the virtuous attributes that enable each person to fulfill their personal destiny. (Read this statement a second time.)

Self-discipline requires restraint of emotion, obedience, submission — humility … saying NO to yourself instead of indulging every whim. Parents must say NO to their children so that children respect authority!

The word  selfish is an interesting word. Notice the ish”.  Both syllables infer  “me” “I”. In my opinion, ‘selfish’ is emphasis on self, therefore, the word selfish in and of itself is a double negative centered on self, as in: me, myself and I, which is a triple compound negative.  : )  Just thought I’d throw that in.  

Without self-discipline the individual can abuse their own freedom by making wrong (bad) decisions.  

Most of the truly great achievers in life practice self-discipline, and they generally have a personal sense of destiny. They care enough about others, themselves and their personal integrity, to do the right thing. In other words, they live out of their own souls and make correct unselfish decisions. 

One of Robert E. Lee’s lieutenant generals, John Brown Gordon, brilliantly stated that: The aggregate character of a people within a nation depends upon the personal character of  each individual.” 

If enough people in a national entity disregard their personal character, disrespect the rights and privacy of others, and rebel against the establishment, then the constitution can lose its power and authority.

If the police officer (not cop) is disrespected, then law enforcement cannot keep the peace.  

The stability of government depends on the personal character of each citizen, and especially those who have been voted into a political office.  

The foundation for law and order and our relationships with each other depends on RESPECT AND INTEGRITY. Therefore, our personal freedom and our national freedom demands from each citizen SELF-DISCIPLINE! Now, if you throw in FAITH IN GOD, LOVE FOR GOD and RESPECT FOR GOD, you have PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL TOWARD EACH OTHER. 

There would be no wars if everyone respected each others personal rights.  There would be no wars if everyone LOVED each other as their neighbor (Leviticus 19:13, 18; Zechariah 8:16; Matthew 19:19; Luke 10:29; Ephesians 4:25; Romans 13:10). This is why Christ emphasized so often the importance of TRUTH, LOVE, FAITH and RESPECT.  

If we cannot discipline ourselves to do the right thing, then LAW ENFORCEMENT must do it for us. Without respect and self-discipline, the safeguards of the law become weak and meaningless. When the individual is not taught to be respectful of other people, and the laws of the land (establishment), then law enforcement and the judicial system must enforce the law. When enough people in a national entity defy and disrespect the law and law enforcement, eventually riot and anarchy become the RULE OF THE STREETS, and society CRUMBLES. Instead of being respectful and free by exercising self-discipline, society becomes lawless and destructive. Witness the news everyday.  

As stated above, if everyone respected God and each other, there would be no wars, and no aggression. There would be no oppression. But, until Christ’s Second Advent, man must live with the consequences of his own VOLITION.  Each and every person chooses to do good or evil.  Interesting!


In His omniscience God knew in eternity past that man would choose to sin (Adam). When Adam sinned (disobeyed) and went on negative signals, he acquired the anti-nature (anti to God — the Nature of disobedience, the nature that is out of harmony with God). The nature to Sin (knowing good and evil — Genesis 3:5). Man will always struggle within himself to choose right or wrong, good or evil.

The Laws of Divine Establishment preserve and perpetuate human existence. This is why God gave us the Ten Commandments.  Live by them, or die by them. 

Peace is the ideal environment for freedom, freedom to evangelize, to win souls away from Satan, to God. 

Bible Doctrine in the soul of believers is the foundation for freedom (John 8:32). 

It is GOD’S TRUTHS that keeps us free — RESPECT, LEARN, and OBEY,  GOD’S TRUTHS!

Happy studying in Fields of Grace.

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