Apostasy In The Last Days

Apostasy is defined as “One who has fallen away from the consistent, daily intake of God’s Word.”

In times of apostasy, society turns its back on God and in so doing, depends more and more on government. As a result, the government becomes too big and too powerful. The more society depends on the government, the more power the government is given. With too much power given to politicians, democracy becomes socialism. Socialism seeks to control its citizens from birth to the grave.
The socialist democratic party today in America is buying the vote and eventual freedom of the American people with handouts (bribery). The liberal left is conditioning and controlling Americans by fear of death. Socialism is a ‘strangle-hold’ on freedom. Fear of death is a form of slavery.
Wake up, America. Apostasy treats free men as criminals, and criminals are treated as free men. Personal freedoms such as freedom of thought, volition, and speech by which the Gospel and the Word of God are communicated, are tragically merging into the shadows of deceit in America.
In apostasy, the mentality of society once filled with God and Bible Doctrine, becomes filled with human philosophy. Philosophy (noun) is defined as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Human viewpoint replaces the divine viewpoint. As God is removed from the house of reasoning, immorality replaces integrity, and fools rush in.
The tentacles of socialism and the bureaucracy of big government strangle free enterprise, corporate, and individual. Freedom to succeed in business, or fail in life through one’s own decisions are neutralized. Fear of death and fear of punishment are tools of blackmail and deceit. Both the love of money, and the necessity for money become the weapons of evil power-lords and politicians.
When individuals no longer want to work for their living and refuse to take responsibility for their own decisions and resulting actions, socialism replaces democracy. When apostasy and evil, dishonesty and hypocrisy, greed and immorality, power lust and racial prejudice, become the norm and standard of the populace, the nation will crumble in its own self-centered arrogance.

When the heritage of redemption through Jesus Christ is exchanged for the arrogance of the new social prosperity gospel, there will be hell to pay sooner or later.
A new world order without God is the same old devil’s world in a new disguise. The social gospel is white-washing the devil’s world with activism … man trying to reform Caesar and ignore God. In apostasy, the once fertile fields of Grace become the dead fields of lust.
The only bulwark against the onslaught of evil, apostasy, and socialism, is for the people to repent (return to God) and take responsibility for their decisions, be accountable to God and family, and respect one another. If we love God, we will love one another. If we respect God, we will respect one another. If we respect the Cross of Christ, God will restore our hearts and our nation, before evil men with power lusts and greed filled hearts consume our freedom and our heritage.
Wake up America! Wake up world!
God has always blessed America! Now, Americans need to bless God. 
C. S. Craig 05/02/21

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