The ‘Client Nation’

History repeats itself because human nature is the same in every generation since Adam.
National freedom in every civilization is dependent on two primary characteristics: virtue and respect.
The rise from bondage to freedom and prosperity is a costly one. The fall from prosperity to bondage is even more costly. Everything in life has a price! Men must be willing to pay the price to preserve and protect freedom, or return to bondage. That is why we must have a strong well-trained military — to fight evil.
Freedom can propel a nation to the summit of prosperity. Freedom allows evangelism — proclamation of the Gospel. Evangelism promotes Divine Establishment and Respect for God. But with abundance, men change. They have everything they need and God, the source of all blessing, is forgotten — no longer needed. Leave me alone God, I’m doing fine without you. Look at what I’ve accomplished … look at me, God! (Pride comes before the fall.)

With abundance, the winds of change begin to blow through society and the downward spiral begins. As men become more successful,  greed,  pride and selfishness replace God and virtue. Corruption increases, infesting government, business and society. Apathy and dependency increase.  
Drug addiction and wilful ignorance are destroying our nation and countless families, right before our eyes. As drug use increases, individual responsibility and accountability decreases. Respect for the privacy of others, the property and freedom of individuals, the respect for authority and the law have no meaning to the desperate addict.

The family is the very backbone of society.

When the family becomes dysfunctional, society begins to fall apart. Our nation is in desperate trouble, because our families are being torn apart by addictions of every sort. Listen, addiction is natural to man — it is our nature!
Finally, disrespect for authority pulls the rug from under freedom, and nations collapse back into total degeneracy — back into bondage — and we are well on our way back into bondage. It’s coming, and it’s coming soon.
America must return to God. Let’s become addicted to God and the Holy Bible. RESPECT GOD! RESPECT VIRTUE! We must respect God or pay the prices demanded by degeneracy. Christ paid the price for our degeneracy. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved and your household (Acts 16:31).
Now, each of us must spread the gospel. We must tell the world as Ambassadors for Christ. CHRIST, NOT DRUGS! CHRIST, NOT WEALTH! CHRIST, NOT ME!

God chose Abraham to begin the Jewish race. For centuries, the Jews were God’s ‘client nation,’ meant to spread the Gospel of salvation. All through the centuries God has always provided a client nation to perpetuate and preserve the human race. Evangelism is more important in these end times than ever before in human history — are you really doing all you can do to spread the gospel?
For the past 240 years, America has been God’s chosen (client) nation to represent Him on Earth. But, like all previous empires, America in prosperity has turned her back on God, in degeneracy.
America’s only hope is to return to God. Respect God. Respect authority. Respect the Laws of Divine Establishment.
It is God that prospers each individual and nation, YET MEN ALWAYS TAKE THE CREDIT. Faith and trust in the living hope — the Lord Jesus Christ, and the principles of freedom and Biblical Truths must become every American’s  priority.

Some economic experts have predicted that the entire world is at the doorstep of global economic collapse. Do you have any idea, what that means?

Think about this: when the shelves at the grocery store are empty, you won’t have time to grow your own food or raise your own cattle, and you probably don’t know how to do it anyway. You will starve to death. People will steal their neighbor’s crops and if necessary, or shoot him for his cow. Desperate men do desperate things, especially when their families are starving to death. You cannot get to work if there is no fuel. Wake up America — wake up, world.
Please forward this vital and timely message to everyone you know and let us all pray for our country, our leaders and each other. Even more, we need to pray for all the nations of earth.
We live in the end times, and Christ is the only hope for mankind. Man needs God and there is only one God — the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God who gives life to all living creatures, the God who sent His only Son to die in our place so we could live with Him forever.
Please ask your church to pray for America while we can still celebrate our Christian heritage and our freedom. FLY YOUR FLAG! Have a significant impact on your periphery — those around you, locally.
Thank God every day. Amen.
This timely message  is provided by  4/11/16

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