The gift of tongues was a temporary gift for the dissemination of the Gospel at the beginning of the Church-age (1 Corinthians 12:1-31; 13:1-10). Tongues served a time-specific purpose, one which was fulfilled, as planned, then the ‘gift’ was no longer applicable and thereby removed as a spiritual gift. The Bible is clear on this, yet some people put personal experience over the truthfulness of the Word, saying, “I’ve seen and heard tongues in action, I know it’s real, so it can’t be a temporary gift from long ago.” In reality, they’re saying that the Bible is wrong, that God is wrong, that their personal ‘experience’ overrides and overrules the Word of God.

How ludicrous. How arrogant. How willfully-ignorant.

For a more comprehensive look at tongues and other spiritual gifts, please see Spiritual Gifts.

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