Socialism — Two

Socialism is the human attempt to provide a utopian economy with political, social and environmental ‘perfection.’ But only Jesus Christ will accomplish a perfect environment at His Second Coming.

If a free society is to remain free there must be a strong military, to protect the freedom of human volition. Therefore, every citizen must know and understand the Divine Gift of Volition — the freedom to choose.

Divine Truths and human volition are the foundation of human freedom and the reason we fight political wars against tyranny, against dictators.

Socialism is the false ideology that advocates equal results at the expense of equal opportunity.

Socialism uses the traits of human (sin) nature to entrap self-indulged men by their own ego-arrogance, greed, and lust patterns of the soul.

Socialism promotes human philosophy to solve man’s problems. Socialism denies God and promotes man.

Social Equality is the appealing expression of envy in disguise. The alleged remedies for inequality create different inequalities. 

Socialism is a dictator in disguise — the enemy of individual freedom of choice. 

Portions of the above definitions are drawn from the book published by RBT Bible Ministries entitled “The Angelic Conflict,” Pages 98-99. Used with permission.

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