Negative Volition

“Mataiotes” (met-eye-oh-tays) is a Greek word translated “vanity” in Ephesians 4:17. This is a vacuum created in the soul by negative volition against God or Bible Doctrine. Negative volition is also rejecting the authority of the Bible as God’s Word; rejecting Christ and His Cross for Salvation; rejecting the authority of the local church and/or your right-pastor.

The believer can refuse to confess personal sin or refuse to believe a point of doctrine. Negative Volition is rebellion against God’s plan. Negative Volition can have dramatic negative effects and prevent the believer from advancing to spiritual maturity. It causes the believer to lose blessing in time and rewards in eternity. The believer can even self-destruct (means the Lord may choose to bring the negative believer home to heaven so that he does not continue to harden his heart).

Negative volition closes the door in God’s face. Any thought or action negative towards God, God’s Word, or God’s Commandments, causes the believer to lose fellowship with the Lord. Restoration to fellowship is accomplished by naming sin to God (1 John 1:9).   


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