Lapsarianism means “lapse” and refers to man’s fallen condition and the five decrees of God in eternity past, before He created anything. The five decrees are related to “election” and are often referred to as “elective decrees.”  

At a point in eternity past, God is. Before God created the universe and all that it contains, there was God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit — the Godhead. After God created the heavens (universe) there was an undisclosed amount of time — a “lapse,” then God created angels and homo-sapien — man. God knew all the results of creation, before God created anything.

The following is a logical sequence which was but one thought in the mind of God:

1). Creation of angels and mankind.

2). Permit the fall of angels and mankind.

3). Provide salvation for angels and mankind.

4). Election of angels and believers; condemnation to unbelieving fallen angels and unbelieving fallen humanity.

5). Salvation for angels and believers based on “volition.”

Note: Salvation for angels is not disclosed in Scripture, but God’s Grace is available to all His creatures to accept or reject.

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