Divine Essence/Integrity

The Essence of God are the characteristics of God; His Attributes; His Divine Integrity; Who and What God Is. God is HOLY. 

Jesus Christ is the “Flashing Forth” of God’s Essence.

The Essence of God — God’s Absoluteness; God IS! God IS LOVE.

Someone summed-up the subject quite well: “Love is what God IS, as well as what God does. Never is such a definition used of man. We might love someone or something, but we are never said to be love.

The Characteristics (qualities, traits, attributes) of Divine Essence (that which makes up God) Are Absolutes

Sovereignty/Eternal Life

Justice/Righteousness – His Holiness



Omniscience – All Knowing

Omnipotence – All Powerful

Omnipresence – God is Everywhere

Immutability – Faithful 

Veracity – Truth

This is the God we serve.

Be blessed today.

Happy Studying in Fields of Grace.


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