There are no auditions for heaven! The exception was Jesus Christ. Reason: No one else qualified as a perfect ‘unfallen’ human being, without the Adamic Nature. Since Adam chose to disobey God by the temptation handed to him from the Woman, every human being since Adam has the imputed nature that sinned. Mankind, because of the Love and Mercy of God our Creator, has the privilege to be obedient — believe and obey.

Mankind is the antithesis of God.  We are not mere spectators at a movie or the ball game. We are the characters in the dramas of life. We are born as participants of a God-defying world, and we are all children of wrath (Ephesians 2:2-3). We are born without a relationship to God, we are born separated from God.

But God so Loved us that He gave us a Redeemer — His son, Jesus Christ. God elected to give all the descendants of Adam the same opportunity to choose to be obedient, or not to be obedient — FREE CHOICE!  You can become a child of God by choosing God’s Son, Jesus The Christ as your personal Redeemer (John 1:12; 3:16 – 18; 36; 5:24). What is your choice?

If you desire a personal relationship with God, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved’ (Acts 16:31). The blood of Jesus Christ will indeed cleanse us from all unrighteousness — this is the reason the Word became flesh and walked the earth (John 1:1-14). 

Think very carefully, but today is the day of salvation! We hope you will humble yourself and submit to God’s Eternal Plan for man’s salvation. Meditate on these things and ask God to help you see the Light (illumination of the Cross of Christ).

Christ died for you personally. He took your place on Calvary. He paid for all your sins. Choose Christ right now. Amen. 

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