The Pride Of Disbelief


Pride goeth forth to conquer the world

But returns to the door and asks for more

He who serves others well and says little, merits more

Than he who boasts, and clamors at the door

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall — things destined to be

Life goes on as time marches on — to eternity

But as Christ reigns from Heaven, above the Cross

Life is but dying to those who are lost

A feeling of sadness comes over me

As I think of those who would not believe

Nothing can soothe my restless feelings

More than my times of quiet kneeling

Heavenly music with power to quiet

My soul in slumber through the night

Who of all God’s creatures loved God more than thee

Perhaps the helpless little lamb nailed to the tree

C. S. Craig  – December 13th, 2020

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