Tidbits Of Wisdom

Want to worry less? Then pray more. Rather than looking all around you for answers, look up. Rather than looking for someone else to blame, look inward.

 Inhale God’s Word every day and watch worry go away.

 Rather than living in denial, make a study of you!

If a believer stays in fellowship and another stays in perpetual sin, which one has a better view of the world? Of truth? Which believer is in denial?

When is the last time you knelt on bended knees, not in your soul, but physically?

Faith-prayer is peace-giving, that is, it is peace receiving – just kneel and listen in total quiet.

 Been to church lately?  Take the kids regularly? Your answers describe your relationship to the Lord! Who is in control: Christ? You? 

Truth convicts! Guilt, Trips!

Whatever happened to respect? It got lost in self-arrogance!

 Courage is standing up against evil, win or lose!

Courage is standing on truth … win or lose!

Emotional insecurities make strangers of us all when the self in a frantic search we meet.  

Truth is a lonely place surrounded by untruth, nailed to a Cross.

 Got peace? Want peace? Have peace! Luke 18:1; Colossians 4:2;

Philippians 4:6-7 “In Christ” is in fellowship.

Make a good memory today … then write it down.

Cause somebody to smile today. Then, do it again. 

Happy studying!

By C.S. Craig  

December 13, 2009

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