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Time is a wise counselor if we stop, look and listen.

There is rest, peace, happiness, freedom and beauty, in Truth.

The seeds of injustice should never have been planted.

The Lord preserves His Word of Truth, deceit is self-destructive.

Lust will burn endlessly in the lake of fire.

What the unbeliever sows in this life will be reaped forever.

The mouth opens with immorality and at the appointed time closes, unable to speak again.

Discipline restrains, self-control refrains, the sin-nature remains.

God’s Word is the antibiotic that treats the soul.

Idleness is the robber of time, life and souls.

The sluggard lives forever as the thief who stole himself.

Hell is located at the reaping place!

Humility finds honor, peace, strength, courage and respect.

Humility is to be coveted.

Wisdom finds the soul always lacking.

Scripture calls man to God. Doctrine searches for a listener. Wisdom cries out from Scripture; Knowledge waits to be discovered. Choose instruction.

There are seven pillars of wisdom – search them out, even if it takes a lifetime. They are found in the Bible.

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