Meditate: God Is Available At The Cross

Meditate on these things:

Every verse of Scripture has it’s place in the believer’s soul-life … the resting place.

Submission to the moral authority of God is to live by God’s Words.

There is a Divine prelude to the harmonic symphony of the Scriptures — an absolute majesty. Whenever you read Scripture, listen carefully for the music of Heaven. The purity, beauty and music found in God’s Word sings and shouts the Truths of God … the truths of Truth.

God’s Word encompasses God’s Deity — it is available to the whole world like never before in history as the Angelic Conflict intensifies in our generation.

God’s Deity is available to anyone who truly seeks to know God.

God’s Righteousness is available to anyone who thirsts for Truth.

Scripture is a God-send.

Jesus Christ is available to save any soul that calls upon God for salvation.

God always hears the prayer of faith.

God is available through the Cross.

“To teach, share, or give truth to one who loves it, is an honor and a joy unspeakable.” — C. S. Craig

The children of each generation will seek to question the instruction of their youth, whether liberal or conservative, concerning the Word of God. If each generation can define its own truth, then truth becomes whatever suits their lifestyle. If they change the text, they can rearrange the context, and give vent to their own pretexts. Truth threatens the sovereignty of the self! Neutralize truth and nothing is wrong or right. Neutralize truth and the lust patterns of the sin nature are free (unrestricted) to dictate to the soul. While demanding independence to one’s own choices, the choices lead to enslavement, degeneration and destruction. Volitional responsibility is everyone’s responsibility.


Just as God breathed into our nostrils the breath of life (soul life), God breathes into our spirit His inspired (God breathed) Word. Exercising the apertures of our mind gives the believer light for the walk out into the world of darkness. This is how we walk with God in fields of Grace.

Knowledge of God’s Word should become as much a part of the believer’s breathing as his very breath — the breath of life. The believer is alive and breathing — Scripture is alive and breathing.

The true bread from heaven is the Lord our God, the Living Word and the written Word.

The marriage of the believer to Scripture is a marriage designed in Heaven to fulfill the believer’s life while here on earth. The believer’s life is to honor God.

God’s Word, written in Scripture for two thousand years, still comes down fresh from Heaven everyday … and it does not return void.

The believer is designed to inhale God’s Word, and then exhale to a lost and dying world — “do this in remembrance of me.”

The believer is a member of the ‘Body of Christ’ and when completed the Body becomes the ‘Bride of Christ.’ Christ will present the Bride to the Father and the fruits of the Savior will fill eternity, forever.

The families of earth can become families of Heaven through Jesus Christ.

The worlds are framed by the Word of God.

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