By C. S. Craig

One of the many mysteries of God is the chance encounters that form our relationships, even our destiny.

Separate and unique individuals that happened to meet at a place in time, a chance moment that brought them face to face.

Eventually, they would become one flesh. She would be fulfilled by him, and he would be completed in her. They would grow strong in their loving relationship. Together, they became more beautiful than if they had remained apart.

Life is learning. Life has many questions, many answers.

I BELIEVE LIFE IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. What is the purpose of our life and the relationships we form with other people? What is love for? What becomes of our earthly relationships? What is memory for? These questions are profound, but I believe the answers are infinitely more profound. Search for your own answers.

Where is destiny taking us? Why must we go alone? Why must we go at all? Why can we not stay in our comfort zone? Life goes on with us and without us! So, who are we? Why are we who we are? Search for your own answers.

To me, our relationship with God, in this life, defines our purpose and answers our questions as God’s predestined children. Life is all about relationships and how we maintain or terminate each one. Giving love and sharing our faith is the reason for relationships and the reason for life. If our relationship with God is right, then our relationships with each other will be right.


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