Grace, Energy and Light

The Late Chester McCalley, a Linguist of the Original Languages and Expository Teacher, in his book entitled “The Foundations of Our Great Salvation” wrote:“The more Grace is used, the more it increases.”

He went on to say: “Appropriating God’s Grace is like having your bank account increase every time you withdraw money.”

In John 1:16,  Grace is exchanged for Grace; it is never depleted; it is experienced but never exhausted  (“Grace upon Grace”)

The Grace of God, like the Word of God is inexhaustible. God’s Love is inexhaustible. God’s Power is inexhaustible.

God is Light and light is energy. Energy is inexhaustible.

Science has determined that light is composed in part by Ether a supposed medium filling all known space even within the densest bodies. Electricity is a form of energy. 

Science denies God, but science acknowledges the attributes flowing from God. Because everything flows from God, science needs  to swim up stream toward God. Only then will their thirst for knowledge find fulfillment.  Their search for the source of light and energy is a path that follows a circle around God and they are looking outward rather than inward.

The paths that science must follow are clearly marked by the footprints of Eternal God. Christ came as the King of the Jews, but was rejected. In mockery his murderers posted a sign over his head on his cross that said “This is Jesus King of the Jews.” They mocked that “he can save others, but he can’t save himself.” In their folly they told the truth unknowingly. Christ would not save himself so that He could “save others.” He died for all that all might be saved. God takes all men in their own arrogance. God always turns cursing into blessing – Christ was cursed as He hung on the Cross. But, His cursing and death turned cursing into salvation for the world – a world that rejected Him, mocked Him, spit in His face, scourged Him, and Crucified Him. By His death came our restored life. 

Christ, in his humanity, died King of the Jews. He rose the King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever.

God’s Grace, God’s Light and God’s Energy, since the Creation has constantly flowed into Creation. God became incarnate (physically manifested Himself) to His own Creation and his own received Him not (John 1:1-14).

The power of evil is the blindness of arrogance. and that chosen blindness will result in eternal separation from God’s Grace, God’s Light and God’s Energy.

In closing may I say that God’s laughter shall be heard from Heaven – God will have the last laugh – in the finality of the end.

Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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