Quick Thoughts — Happy Days

Tidbits of humor and a little more love for the road ahead.

Every day (raising four children), was laundry day. Every week day meant getting ready for school, and of course, the daily frustration for the three girls who always had nothing to wear. And of course their older brother didn’t care.

Being a parent is not easy, and forgetting how (letting go) is even more difficult. For example: there have been many times through the years when we go out to dinner with friends and while talking, I’m recalling the happy days with my children at the evening dinner table. And I can still see and hear them asking me to please butter their potatoes and cut their meat into small bites, like mine. Well, it is times like eating out or just sitting down at the table that I realize how much that really meant to me. 

If I could only butter their potatoes one more time. If we could only sit down to eat as a family one more time. If I could only wipe away a tear and reassure them … one more time.  If we could all go back to the rocky mountains, in Colorado, just one more time. Those were the good ole days when we did everything as a family. We would take picnic lunches and the kids would share with the chipmunks. I will always want to go back to my Colorado mountains as a family — just one more time together.

I have been asked what kind of father I was. Well, that’s like asking me to grade my own report card. “Who knows,” I said, “I showed up every day if that’s what you mean. I worked a lot of overtime so that should count for something, don’t you think?” But, I suppose if you ask each of my four children they would answer you differently, because they each got the same Dad differently, individually and personally, without bias.

I’m glad I had four children though, because when you have four to love that love you back, the world doesn’t seem all that bad and mixed up. Besides, who else would ever consider me as their hero — four people couldn’t possibly be wrong!

Raising four children was like flying four kites at the same time. I say that because as parents, we spend half a lifetime trying to get our kids prepared for liftoff so they can soar on their own. Then, the time finally arrives and we suddenly realize each one is leaving for their own adventures in odyssey. When the last one was gone, I felt so desperate, so deserted and alone. And I suddenly realized, it’s over.  

There is still a rushing in of joy and sadness from time to time, and tears still overflow down my cheeks,  and each time I ask God to hold me and help me.

By God’s Grace they still love me, and they are still my children.

I love happy kisses!  Whenever I look back, I see them waving until I round the corner. 

I am so blessed: All my children and grandchildren trust in Christ, but they are still learning to let Him be LORD. Aren’t we all?

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