Socialism – 101

The New World Order. Socialism is a human attempt to provide a utopian economy. Socialism reduces people to the lowest common denominator. Socialism is a human philosophy designed to gain power for a few ‘enlightened elite’ based upon class warfare, jealousy, envy, greed, laziness — by monetary seduction, and equality. Remedies for equality simply create more inequalities. Socialistic ideology advocates equal results at the expense of equal opportunity.  

Like the tyranny of communism, socialism in infancy begins its subtle assault on individual freedom. Freedom of press (media) is removed by government dictation resulting in propaganda designed to keep the general public uninformed by misinformation, no information, and untruth.

Individual rights must give way in favor of the majority (national rule) resulting in the untruth of “equality for all.” Socialism strangles freedom through infringement and government dictation. Socialism breeds dependency on government thereby exchanging freedom for income rather than “work for a living or starve,” which in-turn becomes a form of slavery — the government owns you. Next, the IRS will be given further power to increase income tax, and perhaps gain access to bank accounts as a means of enforcement. Wake up America — you have entrenched socialists as your representatives in the federal government by your vote of selfish ambition for government paychecks. Today’s generations of narcissistic fools who were never told “NO” by their parents may ‘sell out’ their own personal freedom, just to get a paycheck. 

Today, the current generations of American people are being DUPED out of their future freedom by a “socialist federal program of free money” — or a “why work” mentality, and the younger generations are all for that, along with minorities, illegal immigrates and all those who think the government and the unfair world owes them a living.

The next election is being bought by the left-liberals and paid for by a duped society of self-indulged arrogant people. What a terrible shame. Socialism knows the weaknesses of human nature and attacks individual freedom through human greed and arrogance. 

Portions of the above are drawn from a book published by RBT Bible Ministries entitled: “The Angelic Conflict,” Pages 98-99. Used by permission.

God has always blessed America as His Client Nation to protect Israel and the world from the aggressions of evil. America has divorced God, each other, the family institution, and morality. Repent, America! 


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